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1. Good teaching is not a matter of techniques or methods, for, as curriculum is not education, so method is not teaching. Research indicates that good teachers cannot be differentiated on the basis of «teaching methods». The method is inseparable from the person of the teacher; in fact, the person of the teacher is more important than the method. 2. The good teacher is not an instructor, who simply provides information, facts and knowledge but a facilitator of learning for the student. Good teachers are not those who are simply experts in subject matter, or experts in teaching methods, or curriculum experts, or who utilize the most resources, such as audiovisual aids.
3. The best teacher is one who, through establishing a personal relationship, frees the student to learn. Learning can only take place in the student and the teacher can only create the conditions for learning. The atmosphere created by a good interpersonal relationship is the major condition for learning.
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  • Good teachers are those who do their best to establish good interpersonal relationships with his students.
  • Good teaching should take into consideration teaching methods as well as the personality of a teacher.
  • A good teacher tries to use such teaching methods that would promote his students’ learning.
  • Establishing good interpersonal relationships with his students a teacher promotes their learning.
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