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Education in the United Kingdom is compulsory from the age of five to sixteen. Children under five go either to nursery schools, or to playgroups. The main aim of such kind of establishments is to make the children ready for primary schools.
Compulsory education for all children begins at the age of five. There are 35,000 state schools in Britain. All of them are the responsibility of the Local Educational Authorities (LEA).
Primary school is for children from five to eleven. At first the studies are more like playing than working. Lessons usually last from nine in the morning till four or five in the afternoon with a long break at the lunchtime.
At the age of eleven pupils go to comprehensive schools. They study Maths, English, Arts, English Literature, Geography, one or two foreign languages, usually French, Italian or German, PE (Physical Education), IT (Information Technology), Religion, Science, Biology, Sex Education and other subjects.
At the end of their studies they take General Certificate of Secondary Education examinations (GCSE) 0-level, and then they either leave school and start working or continue their studies at school or at college for two more years. This is called the sixth form at school or the sixth form college, and the students take only the subjects they need for entering the university of their choice.
At the age of eighteen they take GCSE A-level. There are no entrance exams to universities, so the students can enter a university or a college on the results of their A-level examinations.
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At what age do children go to primary school?
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  • At the age of sixteen children go to primary school.
  • At the age of eleven children go to primary school.
  • At the age of five children go to primary school.
  • Children under five go to primary school.
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